Random poetry subject in alternate sonnet variation

Over the years, I’ve written poetry on many subjects. Here is one about a Native American woman…

By Midnight Hour

She journeys on by midnight hour
Her heart and soul lie near nor far
With one companion at her side
Still safe from white man’s vicious pride

She’s holding fast the thoughts and fears
To never face again the years
Of all that she has had to hide
Still safe from white man’s vicious pride

Her moon wolf visions keep her right
Revealing her most inner light
The guard’an spirit brings good tide
Still safe from white man’s vicious pride

She journeys on by midnight hour
Still safe from white man’s vicious pride

Written on 20th July 2005 at 02:28 GMT

One word prompt – vision


Here lie the remains

For many years, I have been a musician. But I am the musician who won’t play. I won’t play due to fear; fear of what, I don’t know. I thought the fear only surfaced in recent years, but, as can be seen from the date on this poem, it’s been going on a lot longer than I’d dared to accept.

The Rose is Gone

I cannot sing
My lifeline gone
No Rose of Song
I fear the end

Written on 29th March 2005 at 20:53 GMT

One word prompt – sing

And so it goes, a word blast

Little under 24 hours ago, I wrote my first ‘poem’ since July 2010. I say ‘poem’ because it’s the first semi-creative word blast that has come out of my head in a long time and I’m not quite sure of it. It hasn’t even got a title. It’s just a jumble of words that may or may not come to any sense in the future. But I know it’s the start of the creative mess that’ll be coming soon, now that a trickle has started. The dam will break!

Untitled Word Blast

and so it goes
the sun has ceased its golden song
but in this, our first encounter brought
with it a finer moment’s bliss
and this will I, who chose in me
the same old song
the same old fears
for that which lies in darkness
lies not in these, my deepest thoughts
but when I blow away the flowers
I know that greater is the one that lives in me

Written on 20th May 2016 at 00:02 GMT

Pensive one-word prompt https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/27030/posts/1031822176

What happens when words don’t work?

There was a time I struggled to get words out. Any words. Some would argue that’s still the case…


my soul against
your words for another time, another…

one more
smack to my
heart with demon
vocabulary and innocent eyes

my abili…
…ty to show the unspeakable for you

Written on 9th January 2010 at 00:21 GMT

In response to Underestimate – http://wp.me/p23sd-120m

In response to Business in Rhyme’s post on limericks

Many moons ago, when I was in high school, I wrote limericks. I tried to make them as daft as possible: sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. The cool thing about limericks is that they’re very easy to remember – even when you wrote them 20-ish years ago…

Scratchy Cratchet

There once was a man called Cratchet
who always his head did scratch it
His wife did not like it
so off she did strike it
Poor old Scratchy Cratchet

One night when his wife was asleep
he into her bedroom did creep
“Oh my,” said his head
“I’m under the bed,
but what has she done wif me teef?!”

Written some time between 1994 and 1996

What sparked this? Here: Business in Rhyme: This limerick goes in reverse

Here’s a silly little ditty, not so witty…

Many years ago, never mind how many exactly, I came across a quote…

“If I don’t write to empty my mind, I go mad” – Lord Byron

This poem, here below, is the result of my discovery of the quote.

Gotta Empty My Mind

that’s how I’m describing the contents of my noggin

Thick, slow-moving
and barely tangible
beware the contents of my noggin

I feel it slightly ominous
and ever so delightful
the contents of my noggin

But who shall take the time
to fight like a run-away dream?

No one, I tell you, no one
shall brave the sticky nonsense
that is the contents of my noggin

It’s all the build up, you see
of audio infuria and verbal acquiescence
that is the contents of my noggin

is where I’m stuck… (contents of my noggin)

Written on 15th March 2010 at 20:43 GMT
(yes, I know it was a gazillion years ago…)

Here lies the purpose of my blog. Emptying my brain of various words that rumble around in there. Sometimes it will appear in the form of poetry (see above), but most of the time it will be reviews and opinions on books, music, film and TV. I fully intend to be somewhat amusing, but let’s just see what happens…