The facts are these

I have all kinds of crazy dreams. This time, I thought I’d share one with you, maybe get your thoughts…

My dream is in two parts. The first, a plane crash. The second, a spate of dead dogs.

So, the plane crash. I was on a plane. Don’t know where I was going or where I was coming from. I saw an EasyJet (white with orange writing) plane out the window, it was going down. It hit my plane on the way down, and our tail caught fire. I remember thinking, this doesn’t feel like a dream. We also went down. All this occurred in a built up area. I was a passenger in a window seat. I wasn’t overly scared.

My interpretation from research

  • Planes symbolise projects, plans or relationships taking  off
  • Being a passenger symbolises giving control over to other people, following the crowd, or relying on others to get where I’m going
  • Being in a window seat means seeing the big picture but maybe not being able to act on it
  • The plane crashing is about some aspect of my life in danger of ending suddenly, or my goals are too high, or I’m not confident enough to believe I can achieve those high goals

Bottom line? Dunno.

Okay, the dog story. I heard on Facebook that some people in the local area were poisoning dogs. I went to look for the dogs. I saw them all lying outside their houses. I was told there were 11 of them, but I found 12. They were all Alsatians (German shepherds). I was upset, wondering why someone would do that to such beautiful animals.

My interpretation from research

  • A dead or dying dog means a loss of instincts

That’s all I have.

Any ideas?


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