Flavoured eggs, and other such nonsense

I’m not much of a cook. Or a baker. There are many things about food that I haven’t a clue about, but what I am good at is eating food.

I’m so good at eating food that I decided to rejoin Slimming World. And that restarted my desire to hunt for SW-friendly yummies. Cue the kitchen utensils’ dash for their lives…

Where I usually get my inspiration is that lovely place called Pinterest. You know, the place where you spend hours upon hours just looking at stuff. Well, today I did more than look at stuff – I tried out the stuff.

It’s not my first attempt, though. I tried a Cake in a Mug last year, the ingredients being sweetener, drinking chocolate, and egg. The result? Chocolate flavoured egg. No joke! It was basically chocolate scrambled egg! Yummers. There was even a time when I tried no-flour pancakes – egg and banana – and yes, it was banana flavoured egg.

So today, I made an attempt at these: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/206532332891317959/ Known as Curly Wurly Brownies, 18 syns for the whole mixture.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 21.05.25

As always, I followed the instructions just like it said. And to be fair, they weren’t completely different to the recipe picture…


…except they look like a place where gophers live! And it gets worse…


They be flat. Flat as a squished hat. Whoever heard of self-raising flour that doesn’t rise? Well, if there’s ever anyone who’ll find such a thing, it’s me. The flour must just have decided to join the rest of the kitchen and abandon ship when it saw me coming…

The verdict? Not quite chocolate-flavoured egg, but not far off. Must find a proper brownie recipe and forget the syns. Or better still, just go to the shop and eat the ones from there!


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