The Mystery of the Stoney Shoe

So, I’m walking along the street, minding my own business, observing the world as I usually do. Then I feel something sharp under my foot. Great, the noggin says, not another one. 

It’s a stone. In my shoe. Jumping about from toe to toe to ball of foot, mocking me as I try to figure out how it got in there.

See, I don’t just wear shoes – I wear boots. Ankle- or calf-length boots. Ankle hugging boots. But still those suckers find their way inside. Sometimes there’s more than one, sometimes the one stone will bring along a load of friends and they have a party in my shoe.

But the real mystery is where these buggers come from. How do they get in?! Nobody knows! And there’s more… when I tip out my shoe, NOTHING COMES OUT…

The end…


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