And so it goes, a word blast

Little under 24 hours ago, I wrote my first ‘poem’ since July 2010. I say ‘poem’ because it’s the first semi-creative word blast that has come out of my head in a long time and I’m not quite sure of it. It hasn’t even got a title. It’s just a jumble of words that may or may not come to any sense in the future. But I know it’s the start of the creative mess that’ll be coming soon, now that a trickle has started. The dam will break!

Untitled Word Blast

and so it goes
the sun has ceased its golden song
but in this, our first encounter brought
with it a finer moment’s bliss
and this will I, who chose in me
the same old song
the same old fears
for that which lies in darkness
lies not in these, my deepest thoughts
but when I blow away the flowers
I know that greater is the one that lives in me

Written on 20th May 2016 at 00:02 GMT

Pensive one-word prompt


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